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A Design Study in Steel Castings -- Pintle Socket

     The Casting Design Issues  

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The Casting Design Approach -- The  casting process engineers at  Atchison Casting chose gravity casting with "no-bake" sand molds and cores. The engineers had three imperatives for an integrated casting design.

--   Design for Performance
--   Design for Castability/Manufacturability
--   Design for Cost

Critical Casting Design Issues --The requirements for performance, castability/manufacturability, and cost are closely interconnected. Four casting design issues played a major role in meeting the three design imperatives

  • Select the steel alloy  that meets the strength requirements with minimum cost.

  • Design for casting soundness  in critical machined and high stress regions.

  • Insure that  dimensional tolerances and quality requirements   are met.

  • Minimize manufacturing costs  considering both raw materials and production costs.

    ==> Weight savings were not a primary engineering issue for this component.





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