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A Design Study in Steel - ME Elecmetal Crawler Track Shoe

AISI 8630 Modified Steel Alloy
When a test casting was made with heat-treated standard AISI 8630 alloy, the casting was water-quenched without cracking, but it  did not meet the strength and hardness requirements. 

The 8630 alloy chemistry was modified with additional proprietary alloying elements to improve the strength and hardenability.   

  • The hardness plot to the left shows the Brinell hardness values through the cross-section of the prototype shoe.  The modified 8630 does not meet the hardness range required (280-320 HB).

The heat-treated, quenched, and tempered test casting  with the modified AISI 8630 chemistry  was crack free, but  it did not have sufficient hardness and strength in the thicker sections of the casting.

The AISI 8630 Modified does not have the high hardenability needed to develop the required strength and hardness through the thickness of the track shoe. 
The AISI 8630 Modified is not  the best choice.
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