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A Design Study in Centrifugal Steel Castings - Accumulator Cylinder                                  

Heat-Treating and Machining

The cooled casting is cleaned by abrasive blasting to remove any ceramic mold coating or surface oxidation.

Controlled heat treating and quenching are essential to produce the required metal microstructure for the required mechanical and corrosion resistant properties.

Forced Flow Quench Tank at Spuncast

  • The accumulator cylinder is  furnace heat treated to 2050F and then cooled to 1900F.

  • The cylinder is then water quenched in a specially designed immersion bath with forced water flow on the cylinder OD and through the center ID. The forced flow on the OD and ID ensures rapid quenching and the optimum microstructure.

After heat-treating and quenching, the cylinder is rough machined on the outer diameter, inner bore, and two end faces to surface finish of 250 RMS. 
The cylinder is sent out for finish machining.




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