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A Design Study in Aluminum Castings - GM Cylinder Block                                          

Heat Treatment and Machining

Cylinder Blocks Exiting the Heat Treat Furnace at Alfe Heat Treat, Defiance, OH

After shake-out, cutting, and cleaning, the aluminum engine block is heat-treated.

  • The A356 aluminum alloy requires a three step heat-treatment (T6 = solution-heat-treat, quench, and artificial aging) to develop the controlled microstructure which gives the alloy its high mechanical strength and ductility. 

  • Heat treatment is done at Alfe Heat Treat, Defiance, OH.

  • After heat-treatment the cylinder block is premachined and  internal coolant and oil passages are leak tested to assure pressure tightness.

After heat-treatment, the cylinder block is machined.

  • The primary machining operation is the precision boring of the cylinders to tolerance.

  • Mating surfaces are finished machined to tolerance and bolt holes are drilled and tapped. 


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