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A Design Study in Aluminum Castings - GM Cylinder Block                                          

Aluminum Alloy A356 T6

  • Alloy A356  is a 7Si-0.3 Mg alloy with 0.2 Fe (max) and 0.10 Zn (max). The T6 heat treatment is a solution-anneal heat treat followed by a 320F aging.

  • Alloy A356 has greater elongation, higher strength and considerably higher ductility than Alloy 356. 

    • A356 has improved mechanical properties because of lower iron content, compared to 356.

  • Typical applications are airframe castings, machine parts, truck chassis parts, aircraft and missile components, and structural parts requiring high strength

The A356 alloy meets or exceeds all the requirements for mechanical strength, ductility, hardness, fatigue strength, pressure tightness, fluidity, and machinability.

The A356 alloy is the best choice.  Go on to the next design decision.


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