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A Design Study in Austempered Ductile Iron - Smith Foundry Drive Wheel

Drive Wheel for the Tracks on a Compact Utility Loader

Smith Foundry is producing over 2000 wheels a year for Toro.

The direct benefits of casting the drive wheel in austempered ductile iron in green sand are --
  • Cost Savings -- a 55% reduction in production cost compared to the original assembly design based on part cost savings and reduced assembly cost.
  • Weight Savings -- a 15% weight reduction compared to the original design in steel.
  • Performance Benefits - Superior wear, durability and appearance compared to the assembly design.

For further information on casting this and other iron alloys, contact -- 
Steve Shade at Smith Foundry,  Phone-- 612-729-9395
E-mail --   Web Site =

Acknowledgment   --
The metalcasting design studies are a joint effort of the 
American Foundry Society and the Steel Founders' Society of America .

Project funding was provided by the American Metalcasting Consortium Project, which
is sponsored by the
Defense Logistics Agency, Attn: DLSC-T, Ft. Belvoir, VA, 22060-6221




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