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An Example in Aluminum Casting   The Corvette Brake Pedal

Brake Pedals for the Corvette Sports Car

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  • The Application -- The Chevrolet Corvette is a world-class sports car with outstanding road performance and unique styling. In designing the Corvette, General Motors engineers had the mandate to develop a vehicle design that communicated unrivaled performance and style, while reducing weight for fuel efficiency and acceleration.
  • One component of the interior design is the brake pedal. The brake pedal was originally designed as a welded steel assembly that was heavy and required finish treatments for appearance. 
  • Component Description -- The brake pedal in the Corvette is designed as a offset bar approximately 15" long with an integral foot pad (with four slots on the face) on one end of the pedal bar. The opposite end of the bar has a perpendicular pivot cylinder for mounting and rotation. On the under side of the bar there is a pocket in which the brake actuator rod sits with a pivot pin.
  • Functionally, the brake pedal has to be a high strength component (35 ksi tensile strength and 25 ksi yield strength) with high ductility (7%). The appearance of the foot pad and the visible section of the pedal bar should integrate with the overall interior design.




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