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Technical & Operating Conference

The National Technical & Operating (T&O) Conference the SFSA flagship industry event, and the world’s premier steel casting meeting. This year our industry, tough as the steel we cast, is working to come together even through these challenging times. This year's conference will be virtual (not in person), and held the week of December 7th. More information will be available in the near future.

This member event will be a success because of those expecting to attend, being willing to provide a paper. To check if your foundry has made this commitment alongside your fellow founders, please contact David Poweleit.

Papers are compiled as conference proceedings with a copy furnished to each attendee. The majority of topics are presented by foundries and cover: melting, foundry engineering, molding, raw materials, finishing, heat treatment, quality, management, safety, human resources, environmental, specifications and other technical. In addition to these, cutting edge research is showcased to promote transition to our industry.

The Committee of Operating Executives, which started in 1938, was the precursor to the T&O Conference with the first one being held in 1947.

Attendance is restricted to SFSA members and board approved guests.

SFSA members - more conference information and registration now available

SFSA would like to congratulate the best paper winner from the 2019 T&O conference. The winner is:

The T&O Committee is honored to showcase this paper by making it available for download here. We appreciate the support provided to the steel casting industry through papers such as this. To receive the full conference proceedings and hear the authors present their material firsthand, please make plans to attend the 2020 National T&O Conference.