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Technical Support

Members that need a solution to a technical or operations issue know that they can call upon the SFSA staff and its extensive network of industry experts to provide the information that they need. Member inquiries vary from general information on the steel casting industry to recommended foundry practices for specific alloys. Questions received from members often fall under these categories:

  • Foundry Best Practices – Molding, Melting, Heat Treating, Finishing, Welding, Mechanical Testing and Non Destructive Evaluation
  • Role of Alloying Elements and Effect of Process Variables in Production of Steel Castings
  • Properties and Metallurgy of Cast Steel Grades
  • Defect/Indication Characterization and Recommended Solutions
  • Equipment Recommendations and Maintenance
  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Specifications

Steel foundries who are interested in becoming members of SFSA can contact Raymond Monroe for limited technical support.