To serve the steel casting industry in North America.


With the active support and leadership of a supermajority of eligible member plants, SFSA will manage a diverse and relevant technology development program, developing new markets and applications, represent the industry nationally and internationally in regulatory and specification development, provide timely and useful business information, and provide state of the art training.

SFSA Goals

1. Develop and provide education and training on steel casting production and use

  1. Provide timely and clear descriptions of technology improvements
  2. Present training in troubleshooting and best practices to members and at SFSA meetings

2. Find and disseminate business information critical to the success of steel foundries

  1. Provide the opportunities to network and develop contact throughout our industry
  2. Gather and analyze information of market trends, industry capacity and best practices

3. Develop new market applications for steel castings.

  1. Develop and encourage new products made using steel casting technology
  2. To promote, provide technical, design, and specification support for new applications in new industries.

4. Promote technology innovation

  1. Manage an effective industry led program of technology development
  2. Provide direct technical support to members as needed

5. Advocate for the industry in the development of regulations and public policies.

  1. Communicate cost effective compliance strategies for regulatory compliance
  2. Advocate for the industry

6. Promote the safety and health of workers in the steel casting industry.