Issues arising out of the application of steel and high alloy casting specifications, including the drafting of suggested new or revised standard specifications, are submitted to the SFSA Specifications Committee for such action as it may deem necessary or helpful.

The SFSA Vice President of Technology the Committee Chairman represent the Society on all matters concerning specifications relating to steel and high alloy casting production before national and international specification writing bodies.

Specifications Committee activities include the following:

  1. Preparation of purchase specifications covering raw materials used by the foundry industry.
  2. Assisting in the preparation of specifications and recommended practices requested by other groups such as ASTM, ISO, government, etc.
  3. Continual revision of the SFSA "Summary of Steel Castings Specifications".
  4. Assisting in the revision of standard ISO and ASTM specifications and the distribution of all amendments.
  5. Maintain awareness of specifications of interest to static and centrifugal cast steel and high alloy producers.