The function of the Marketing Committee is to promote the use of steel castings by publicizing their properties and applications. The objective of this program is to broaden the market for the products of the Industry by bringing the advantages of steel castings to the attention of all levels of present and prospective consumers in an effective manner.

To carry out its mission, the committee maintains liaison with other committees of the Society through the staff, and directs the preparation of publicity material relating to technical information of interest to consumers. The committee also performs related market research to help guide the work of the Society and prepares an annual forecast of steel casting demand each year.

The committee is generally made up of about 15 members selected from member companies without regard to geographical location. Committee members are engaged in sales or marketing activities in their own companies and provide a balance among heat resistant, corrosion resistant, and carbon and low alloy casting producers.

All appointments are made by the Board of Directors. The Executive Vice President serves as Secretary to the committee.

The committee meets at least twice each year at times and places selected by the Chairman.