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SFSA Safety Awards

September 2020

To: All SFSA Members:

Our industry continues to have a poor record for safety. We want to recognize members that do their part in improving our record.

It is time to participate in our Safety Award Program! To be eligible for safety awards, participants must report a safety record DART that is equal to or less than 2, the most recent published (2018) national average for all manufacturing. We will be awarding "Perfect" and "Outstanding" awards. The formula used is as follows:

Days Away from work, Restricted, or job Transferred (DART) rate: This includes cases involving days away from work, restricted work activity, and transfers to another job. It is calculated based on (N / EH) x (200,000) where N is the number of cases involving days away, and/or restricted work activity, and/or job transfer; EH is the total number of hours worked by all employees during the calendar year; and 200,000 is the base number of hours worked for 100 full-time equivalent employees.

For example: Employees of an establishment including management, temporary, and leased workers worked 645,089 hours at this worksite. There were 22 injury and illness cases involving days away and/or restricted work activity and/or job transfer from the OSHA 300 Log (total of column H plus column I). The DART rate would be (22 / 645,089) x (200,000) = 6.8.

Remember, this is the previous year's data. You do not need to sign up for this program, you need only to fill out the following application and return it to SFSA by October 15, 2020 to be eligible for a safety award. Member companies achieving a safety record less than or equal to 2 will receive a certificate; companies achieving a perfect record will receive a plaque.

If you have any questions, please call me at 815 455-7851. We hope you participate, and receive an award!

Ryan Moore
Director of Programs and Services

Application form
SFSASafety20.pdf Safety Award application form