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Policy On use of materials

The following policy has been adopted concerning the use of photographs, sketches, slides and related data:

Advertising artwork consisting of photographs, sketches and other items originated by and the property of SFSA is available to members at the direct cost of photocopies and/or shipping charges.

Printed literature issued by SFSA is copyrighted as far as possible. Subsequent use of such literature or quotations therefrom shall be made only with the written permission of SFSA.

Photographs and related data (including slides made from same), may be used for the purposes listed below if such use is authorized in writing by SFSA, and if due acknowledgement is given to SFSA where appropriate.

  • (a) in connection with duly authorized SFSA programs and activities.
  • (b) by lecturers and authors.
  • (c) by universities and other educational institutions.

Such material is not to be used for advertising purposes by any person, firm or corporation without the written consent of SFSA.