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Steel Founders' Society of America Welcomes Project Engineer

SFSA is excited to announce that Caelan Kennedy has joined the company as Project Engineer.

Kennedy is a metallurgical engineer who has worked on bearing quality steels to improve surface quality for higher performance. In Special Bar Quality steel mills, he ran two induction heat treating lines. One line normalized and the other quenched and tempered. Using Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt training, Kennedy worked to identify the root cause of crankshaft cracking and reduce it. In his role at SFSA, Kennedy will qualify the performance of steel castings in the Digital Innovative Design (DID) project and support the advancement of specialty alloys in the Steel Performance Initiative (SPI). While in school, he worked to build a vacuum induction furnace. Kennedy holds a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, MO.