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Steel Founders’ Society of America Welcomes Mill and Forging Technology Manager

We are excited to announce that Hayley Brown has joined our team as Mill and Forging Technology Manager.

Hayley is an experienced structures engineer who has worked on various aspects of OEM component product development. She has focused her career on supporting and advancing the state of product development and validation for large structural components. She is experienced in design, simulation, and testing of steel castings, forgings, and fabrications and other disciplines. Hayley has worked to reduce the gaps in understanding of fatigue behavior of structural components in order to provide better opportunity for system-level performance improvement without increased risk of premature component failure.

In her role at SFSA, Hayley will support the technical steering and program management that leads the organizational development of the Steel Performance Initiative (SPI). As the technical manager for the Society’s mill and forging projects, she will carry forward collaborative methodology into related industry and expand research teams to advance the steel industry. Brown holds a B.S. in Biological Engineering and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Mississippi State University.

Please help us welcome Hayley Brown to the Steel Founders’ Society of America.