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Why join SFSA?

The SFSA is dedicated to the progression of the steel foundry industry and is a strong advocate on the importance of our industry’s role to advanced manufacturing. We understand the challenges you face and stand dedicated to continue to support our members’ needs in areas like steel casting technology, new developments in markets and specifications, and the next generation workforce.

We encourage you to contact us today to learn how your foundry can derive value from supporting the SFSA – the organization that works for you.

Raymond Monroe
Executive Vice President


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How to get the most value from SFSA membership.

How to get the most value from SFSA membership.

Membership Services

  • Membership
    • Only companies that produce steel castings
  • Leadership Meetings
    • Leadership conferences for management covering business and market conditions featuring industry round-tables
  • Publications
    • Online Directory of Steel Foundries – market SFSA members to casting buyers and designers
    • Steel Casting Wiki – members-only site with thousands of papers, reports, and training resources
    • Monthly training webinars
    • Casteel Reporter monthly e-publication with business level activity information
    • Sales and customer education resources
    • SFSA market industry forecast
    • Technical and marketing publications including design assistance
    • EHS regulatory compliance webinars and training documents
    • Steel castings handbook and supplements
  • Steel Casting Research
    • Manages over $3 million a year in steel casting research
    • Collaborates with DOD and DOE on critical steel casting technologies
    • Research reports and special reports for members only
  • SFSA Technical and Operating Conference
    • Annual conference focusing on technical and operating issues featuring more than 40 papers with a majority from operating member foundries
  • Specifications
    • Industry representation and committee support for ASTM, NACE, ISO and others
    • Secretariat ISO/TC 17/SC 11 – Steel Castings
  • Member Technical Services
    • Unlimited technical support - phone and e-mail
    • In-plant technical service available