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Safety/HR Meeting

The Safety/HR meetings will be held at Harrison Hills Golf and Country Club, 413 East New Street, Attica, IN 47918 and includes a tour of Harrison Steel Castings Company, 900 Mound Street, Attica, IN 47918
Tel 765 762 2481 Fax 765 762 2487


8.8.12 - 8:30 am to noon - HR

  1. Workers Comp Investigations - Attorney - Faergre Baker and Daniels
  2. How to recruit engineers, welders, mechanics, patternmakers and machinists - Ken Kurek, President/CEO, Waukesha Foundry
  3. Apprenticeships - Raymond Monroe

8.8.12 - 1:00 pm

Plant tour of Harrison Steel

6:00 pm - Group dinner (Dutch Treat / separate checks)

8.9.12 - 8:30 am - Safety - Harrison Hills Golf and Country Club, 413 East New Street, Attica, IN 47918

  1. Verbal feedback from the plant tour - observations that might be useful to Harrison Steel
  2. Harrison Steel Safety Program
  3. You could be next - OSHA National Metals Emphasis Program - Michelle Harms Waukesha Foundry
  4. Roundtable discussion - topics to be raised by attendees on issues they have and may have dealt with.
    Other items that may be included in the Roundtable are:
    Job training for new employees "on-boarding"
    Job training for existing employees
    Cross-training and employee development - how do we support an employee's development and cross-train and still ensure that the daily work gets done
    Employee Recognition Programs
    Recruitment and Selection of quality candidates
    JSA's & Ergonomic Job Reviews
    Interactive / Proactive Safety Committees
    Implementation of a PPE Assessment
    Strategies used to assist in reducing turnover

12:00 noon - Adjourn


A specific hotel has not been recommended a list of hotels in the area is included here: safetyhr0812 hotels.pdf [28kB PDF]

Please confirm your attendance at the meeting with Malcolm Blair

Malcolm Blair
VP Technology, SFSA
Chairman/Secretary ISO TC17/SC11
Steel Founders' Society of America
780 McArdle Drive - Unit G
Crystal Lake
IL 60014

Ph +1 (1)815 455 8240 ext 202
Fax +1 (1)815 455 8241