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Safety/HR Meeting

Here is some additional information regarding the meeting content;

  1. In the HR session Raymond Monroe will report on the status of the SFSA Apprenticeship program which includes the outcome of discussions with the US Department of Labor and how many volunteers have stepped forward to aid in the implementation of this program.
  2. As most of you are familiar with the structure of the meetings we expect that each company will contribute to the discussions raising issues that they have recently been exposed to in their plants. A list of topics that have been suggetsed are included at the end of this e-mail.
  3. For those of you who attended the National T&O Conference in December you will remember that there was a paper on Oregon Chromite. A member recently made the following comment; it will likely trigger Form R reporting requirements for those that use it. Everyone may be reporting for chromite already as Chromium Compounds. But chromite from the Transvaal region of South Africa was exempted from Form R reporting by EPA way back. So most people using South African chromite would not have to report. Ironically, using Oregon chromite would seem to trigger the need for reporting. At 10,000# for otherwise used, more than 5 tons per year trips the threshold. We should discuss this.
  4. So we can get a head count please notify me of your intent to attend this meeting - thanks


The meeting will be at held at the;

Wingate Hotel,
431 North East Loop 281
Longview TX 75605

903 663 3196

When making hotel reservations mention Southwest Steel Casting Company to obtain their corporate rate.


The meeting sessions will be as follows;

8:30 am to 12:00 noon - Human Resources - at Wingate Hotel (We anticipate that we have an attorney address the meeting on some current issues.)

1:00 pm Plant tour - Southwest Steel Casting Company, 600 Foundry Drive, Longview, TX 75604-5200

6:00 Group Dinner - separate checks

8:30 am to 12:00 noon - Safety - at Wingate Hotel

The following items have been suggested for discussion, if you have any additional topics that you would like to include please let em know.

  • FMLA compliance and how it related to ADA and workers comp.
  • HR Metrics - what have people found most effective in measuring HR performance? Employee performance?
  • Health care - what do we need to prepare for?
  • Pre- employment testing what works what doesn't
  • Wage trends in the industry for labor, technical and managerial staff
  • Any non-monetary benefits to employees -lunches, award programs, days off to help with employee engagement?
  • Does anyone do regular employee surveys - what do employee's think about management, safety program, wages, etc?

Malcolm Blair
VP Technology, SFSA
Chairman/Secretary ISO TC17/SC11
Steel Founders' Society of America
780 McArdle Drive - Unit G
Crystal Lake
IL 60014

Ph +1 (1)815 455 8240 ext 202
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