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We have received a number of questions regarding "Hardenability". This suggests that there is need to discuss this subject in greater detail so that members can have a greater appreciation of the issues. We have arranged with Prof. David Van Aken, Missouri University Science and Technology, Rolla to present a short course on this subject. This course will be useful as an introduction and a refresher.

In addition to this short course there will be a plant tour of Sivyer Steel and the possibility of a plant tour of Rock Island Arsenal (RIA). As this is a military establishment, there may be limitations to access by non-citizens. If you wish to go on the RIA tour then non-US citizens will need to supply "Country of Citizenship" and photo ID at least 30 days ahead of the tour date i.e. 9.7.12. This information needs to be sent, in electronic format, to Hal Davis <hdavis@sivyersteel.com>. When you arrive at RIA you will need to have the original photo ID with you.

8:30 am - Optional - Plant tour of Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, IL

1:00 pm to 5:00pm - Hardenability - Short Course - Prof. David Van Aken, MUS&T Course content; Quench factor analysis or how to determine the quench severity of a quench bath Determining hardenability by chemistry ASTM A255 Determining the hardness profile of a round quenched bar using quench severity and Jominy data or chemistry Calculation of tempered hardness based upon alloy content (martensite only)

6:30 pm - Group dinner separate checks

8:30 am - Plant tour of Sivyer Steel, 225 33rd Street Bettendorf, IA 52722 Ph(563) 355-1811

The meeting will be held at Isle Casino Hotel, 1777 Isle Parkway, Bettendorf, IA 52722 Ph(563)359 7280

Sivyer Steel have a corporate rate at the hotel of $69.00 + tax. You must mention Sivyer Steel when making a reservation.

Please register your attendance on this course and citizen status with Malcolm Blair blairm@sfsa.org

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