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Investment Casting Product Group meeting

The next meeting will be in Watertown, WI on August 22/23. MetalTek International have kindly agreed to allow us to tour their facility on 8.23.12.

The Program is as follows;

8.22.12 1:00 to 5:00 pm
Meeting at the Holiday Inn Express, 101 Aviation Way, Watertown, WI 53094

Rather than have a set series of presentations it was thought that the best way to encourage a free discussion this meeting will be a "show and tell" session. You will need to bring at least one casting and one wax which exhibit defects or surface problems that the group can discuss to determine possible reasons and solutions for these occurrences. In addition we should include a period to discuss shells, tools and cleaning issues. Here is the topics list:

Show and Tell - problems
Castings - examples
Waxes - examples

Open discussion on
What are the biggest problems you face in producing investments castings?
Tooling - lead time, draft, dimensional control (using tools you did have made), surface finish......?
Gating - how do you determine location and size of gate(s)?
Waxes - dimensional control, do you have wax suppliers compete for your business, how do you compare their performance? Why do we think we need a special wax and not like the one somebody else may use? Shouldn't there be specifications for waxes?
Cleaning - what improvements have you seen here- abrasives, fixturing, cleaning, how do you prevent "rouging"?
Other problem issues.

All attendees need to contribute to the discussions.

We will arrange for a Dutch Treat dinner for the group.

8.23.12 - 8:30 am
Tour of MetalTek International, Wisconsin Investcast Division, 661 S. 12th Street, Watertown, WI 53094-4928. Phone 920 261 2114.

Holiday Inn Express
101 Aviation Way
Watertown, WI 53094
Group Rate $85.95/night good for the night of 8/22/12

a. Call the hotel directly at (920)262-1910

b. On the internet at www.hiexpress.com/watertownwi Enter the 3 letter group code of STE

Please register your intention to attend the meeting with Malcolm Blair (blairm@sfsa.org). There is no registration fee for attendance at the meeting.

Malcolm Blair
VP Technology, SFSA
Chairman/Secretary ISO TC17/SC11
Steel Founders' Society of America
780 McArdle Drive - Unit G
Crystal Lake
IL 60014

Ph +1 (1)815 455 8240 ext 202
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