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Future Leaders and Heat Resistant Alloys Meeting - October 11-12, 2018

Please mark your calendar for October 11-12. We will hold our second meeting for 2018 in conjunction with the subject-focused meeting on heat resistant alloys. Heat resistant grades are used in applications where service temperatures exceed 1200°F, and require strength (creep resistance and performance through cyclical stresses) but also ability to resist attack from the environment.

The meeting will cover the fundamentals of heat resistant alloys – metallurgy, manufacturing and welding; along with SFSA’s current R&D on heavy section austenitics. As with last year’s meeting on Duplex Stainless Steel, the meeting will offer enough general concepts to still provide value for those who do not commonly make these grades by offering a greater understanding of what enables a foundry to manufacture them and how the alloys perform.

The meeting will include a tour of Duraloy Technologies on Friday morning. Tentatively plan to arrive before Wednesday evening for a group dinner (dutch treat), and then we’ll do a roundtable Thursday morning prior to the subject-focused meeting Thursday afternoon. For more information, please contact David Poweleit at poweleit@sfsa.org.