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Future Leaders Meeting - August 14, 2012 - Seminar

Education of our customers is critical to establishing a good business relationship. Is your staff prepared to take on this challenge?

Two decades ago, SFSA offered training to assist with this. Today, SFSA seminars have returned as an element of the Future Leaders meetings. At the next Future Leaders meeting, we will offer a full-day seminar on "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" for steel castings. The seminar will cover challenges we face with communicating with the customer, capabilities of steel castings compared to forgings/weldments/hog-outs, nuances of casting steel, casting defects, welding castings, quality, and specifications. This seminar is free and open to all SFSA members. These facts about steel castings will be presented by Raymond Monroe and Malcolm Blair. So, whether you have a new design engineer, quality manager, salesperson, or anyone else new to the steel casting industry, they should attend this one of a kind event so they are equipped to better educate your customers.

The seminar will be integrated with our upcoming Future Leaders meeting but attendees can opt to solely attend the one-day seminar on August 14th. Please register by contact David Poweleit poweleit@sfsa.org.

August 15, 2012 - Future Leaders Meeting

Roundtable discussion
Tour of Spokane Steel Foundry
Graybeard discussion

Agenda and venue information will be posted when it becomes available. For further information and to register, please contact David Poweleit (poweleit@sfsa.org).