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Future Leaders Meeting

Please mark your calendars for the next Future Leaders meeting on March 21-22 at CastExpo (http://www.castexpo.com/Home.asp). This F.L. event will take advantage of the opportunity for many people to attend both a group meeting and the industry's biggest trade show. Since show years do not occur annually, it will be an opportunity to see equipment, suppliers, etc. Also, AFS with SFSA have put together the standard steel program plus an opportunity to get some basics. We will also have a breakout room from 1:00P - 3:00P on Sunday for our standard roundtable discussion and maybe a guest speaker.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP so we have a head count and know who to look for. I should note that all arrangements for CastExpo will need to be made separately and registration for CastExpo events will need to be setup if you plan to attend any of their functions.


David Poweleit
American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC) - Application Engineer
Steel Founders' Society of America (SFSA) - Director of Engineering
780 McArdle Drive Unit G
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
p: 815-455-8240 x204
e: poweleit@sfsa.org


Sunday, 3/21
8:30 AM - Room: S320 B - Technical Sessions Controlling Carbon Pickup in Steel Castings (10-005)
Macroinclusion Sources within the Steel Casting Process (10-059)
1:00 PM - Room: TBD (check with AFS at check-in for Steel Founders' room) Graybeard discussion with Scott Lammers, Technical Director - AFS
Future Leaders round table discussion
6:00 PM - Dinner (location TBD)
Monday, 3/22
9:00 AM - Room: S210 A/B - Metalcasting Advancement Center Workshop Steel Melting and Casting
12:00 PM - SFSA luncheon (pre-registration required)
2:00 PM - Room: S320 C - Technical Sessions Effect of Carbide Re-Precipitation on the Toughness of Hadfield Austenitic Manganese Steel (10-117)
Effect of Phosphorus and Silicon on the Precipitation of Kappa-Carbides in the Fe-30%Mn-9%Al-X%Si-0.9%C-0.5%Mo Alloy System (10-069)
Phosphorus Mitigation in Cast Lightweight Fe-Mn-Al-C Steel (10-057)
3:45 PM - Room: S320 C - Technical Sessions Prediction of Aluminum Nitride Embrittlement in Heavy Section Steel Castings (10-094)
Grain Refinement in Plain Carbon Steels (10-026)
Modeling for Improved Casting Quality of High Aluminum Steels (10-061)