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Steel casting producers sometime find it beneficial to hire outside resources to solve problems or to manage projects. SFSA is interested in making sure those resources, especially knowledgeable consultants and retirees, are available to members. For more than 30 years, SFSA has maintained a list of consultants and retirees that are capable in steel casting technical and operating areas. CTA, Casteel Technology Associates, was formed by SFSA to maintain a list of qualified consultants interested in working with members. Members routinely call and discuss their needs and ask for recommendations. The current list of CTA consultants is as follows:

Ken Murphy

Creative problem solver. Emphasis on safety. Interested in centrifugal, sand and precision casting production. Experienced in gray, compacted graphite, alloy and ductile irons, low and high alloy steels, super alloys, high manganese and ultra-high strength steels. Market experience includes mining, scrap processing, rail, food, paper mill, chemical, oil & gas, rubber processing, steel mill, structural, hydraulic, power, defense, construction and water.

Developed high strength steel for pipe molds. Innovated creative methods for centrifugal casting and weld fabrication. Designed facilities for custom heat treatment of pipe molds and warheads.

Engineering experience in Steel Foundry, Cupola Melting, and Ductile Iron Pipe production operations at all levels.

Management experience focused on as-cast and machined steel casting production with customer interaction.
Numerous technical papers and presentations.

Metallurgical Engineering Degree - University of Alabama.

Presented Foundry-in-a Box to over 23,000 students.

Casting experience began in 1971. Still enjoying it.

Email: kenmurphy.fe@gmail.com
Telephone: (205) 965-4225

Alan Holtz - Holtz Foundry Consulting

Over 42 years of foundry management experience covering sand castings, investment castings, and centrifugal castings. Broad technical experience in a wide range of alloys. Process Metallurgist, Chief Metallurgist, Manufacturing Manager and Technical Director in Gray, Ductile and Malleable Iron foundries. Manufacturing management in centrifugal and investment foundries pouring steel, stainless steel, nickel and cobalt base alloys. Sales and Marketing executive management in steel and stainless steel centrifugal castings. Market experience includes energy, mining, oil & gas, steel mills, glass mills, wastewater treatment, food and defense.

Specialties: Domestic and International industrial marketing of steel and stainless steel centrifugal castings. Manufacturing processes, specifically related to melting, pouring, molding, finishing and machining castings. Metallurgy of steels, stainless steels and cast irons. Quality Assurance processes and methods. Direct executive selling and sales management.

Email: aholtzjr70@gmail.com
Telephone: (262) 444-3315

Chuck Rowe - Rowe Consulting Services - Quality Management Systems

Established quality assurance programs for clients in foundries, machine shops, oil field tool manufacture, fabricated pipe production, printed circuit board manufacture, wiring harness assembly, compressor rebuilding, ship repair, aircraft engine assembly, steel fabrication. Many clients are ISO 9001, API Q1, or AS 9100 certified.

ASQ Certified Quality Engineer, ASQ Certified Quality Auditor. Author of numerous papers presented to technical trade association groups. Degree in Metallurgical Engineering from M.I.T.

For more information: Rowe Consulting Services
Email: crowe91747@aol.com
Telephone: (210) 497-8315

Jiten Shah - Product Development & Analysis (PDA) LLC - Product Development, Prototyping, Analysis

Casting design, fatigue and fracture mechanics, casting requirements generation, NDT, rigging design, simulation, contract research, reverse engineering, redesign, problem solving.

Hands on casting design(CAE-CAD, FEA and CFD), rigging and process design, development and casting process simulation of filling, solidification and residual stress/distortion/hot tearing for various alloys, processes and complexity for any new products, reverse engineering and redesign in the transportation, mining, power generation, process, healthcare, general industries and defense for over 30 years. has managed and participated on various contract research funded by DOD, DOE, NSAS and SOCOM related casting design and manufacturing; new alloy and process development including 3D printing, light weight innovations, digital manufacturing and design innovations. has published numerous technical papers at various professional societies including SFSA. Has MS in Mechanical and Aerospace from USC-Los Angeles/IIT-Chicago and M.Tech in Foundry Technology from IIT-India.

For more information: http://www.pda-llc.com/
Email: info@pda-llc.com
Telephone: (630) 505-8801

Hal Davis

42 years experience in steel foundry technology, including technical and procedural management of melting, heat treating, and welding. Materials include carbon, low alloy, stainless, and manganese steel.

BS in metallurgical engineering, Missouri S&T (then University of Missouri Rolla, UMR)

Jobs included were plant metallurgist, Tech. Services Manager, and VP Technology at Sivyer Steel Corp., Product & Technical Director, Military and Locomotive Division, ABC-NACO Inc.

Email: halmachine@hotmail.com
Telephone: (563) 340-2315

Ken Sandell, P.E. - KGS Foundry Consulting, LLC

Training seminars, Casting Design, Casting Defect analysis, Casting Purchase Specification, Foundry Process Witness, Foundry Survey, 50 years of experience in foundry management, technology, and metallurgy. Former employment: VP Technology - Atlas Castings & Technology

Email: ken_sandell@hotmail.com
Telephone: (252) 858-6283

George Hartay

All Steel Foundry Technical and Management, Sand Practice and Handling Systems, Full production of steel castings; from engineering through all phases of production, to shipment of rough casting or finish machined part.

Foundry Technical and Management - 40 years experience, Technical Director. Extensive Technical experience producing steel castings; 250lbs. to 110,000lbs. shipping weight. 60% captive, 40% jobbing. Carbon and low alloy steel grades plus HY80. 2 years special projects, 5 years foundry engineering, 8 years technical management, 25 years Technical Director. Management of Foundry Engineering, Pattern Shop, Melting, Metallurgy, Production Control, Scheduling, Sand and Mechanical Test Labs, Foundry Purchasing, ISO 9001 compliance, extensive interaction with machining castings in-house and customers.

Full implementation of MAGMA into foundry engineering processes. First steel foundry to implement shroud pouring into daily operations, 45 to 55% of monthly tonnage.

Knowledge of all NDT Processes, MPI (wet and Dry) UT, X-Ray. Experienced in analyzing defects, root cause analysis and eliminating cause of defect by modifying manufacturing processes and/or updating procedures and work instructions.

Email: gahartay@wi.rr.com
Telephone: (414) 828-3411

Paul Rudd - Problem Solving and Foundry Improvement

Specific areas in which I work are: casting quality improvement, performance and cost improvement, I have considerable experience in foundry engineering, foundry expansions, melting and metallurgy, heat treating, molding and finishing.

I also have worked hard to improve safety systems involving hourly workers with good results.

Email: psrudd46@gmail.com
Telephone: (972) 400-7765

Sam Sahu - Creative Technical Solutions - Physical Metallurgy, Heat Treatment, Sand Casting

Over 40 years of foundry experience - currently engaged in alloy development and general consulting. BS, MS, and PhD in Metallurgical Engineering.

For more information: Creative Technical Solutions
Email: sudharisahu@gmail.com
Telephone: (414) 614-1615

Richard Sailors - Engineered Materials Solutions, LLC

Metallurgy: Charge Make-up to final Inspection, Material Specifications/Manufacturing Procedures, Failure Analysis - both field and in-house.

Have matched materials to their applications for numerous castings used in mining equipment concentrating on Fracture Toughness and Wear Resistance. Includes Mechanical as well as Metallurgical considerations. Field and Laboratory Failure Analysis provided information for Alloy modification (Design for Bainite rather than Martensite) and/or modifications to production procedures.

Have written Material Specifications and Foundry Manufacturing Procedures for Low Alloy Steel, Manganese Steel, High Chromium White Iron, Gray and Ductile Iron (i.e. Charge makeup, melting, pouring, shake out, heat treating, finishing, final inspection). This includes a formal Integrated Manufacturing Quality Plan with Procedures listed and “Hold” points designated for potential Customer Inspection.

For more information: Engineered Materials Solutions
Telephone: (931) 363-1732