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This page provides an overview of the information that is available to the designers and buyers of steel casting. The information contained in these articles is believed to accurate; however, the information should be considered recommendations. The designer and buyer should always work with the foundry personnel to determine specific specifications. Ultimately, the designer is responsible for the final product design.

Introduction and reference material

  • Overview of the casting process

    The Overview of the casting process highlights the advantages of the castings process as opposed other methods of manufacturing metal parts. In addition, a general overview of the casting process is included.

What are Steel Castings?

Source Selection

Moving Patterns between Casting Suppliers

Additive Manufacturing and Castings

Process Selection

Specifying Steel Castings

Understanding Steel Casting Failures

Casting and Test Block Properties

Properties and Performance

Production Welding

Test Uncertainty in Mechanical Testing of Steel Castings

Steel Casting Performance

Casting Inspection


Casting Finishing


Casting Heat Treating

Steel Melting and Pouring


Patterns and Cores

Casting Design

Steel Manufacturing Processes