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Tonkawa Foundry, Inc.

Website: http://www.tonkawafoundry.com
Email: dreimer@tonkawafoundry.com
Main office and Foundry: 510 S 7th St
Tonkawa, OK 74653-5004
Mailing Address: PO Box 504
Tonkawa, OK 74653-0504
Phone: 580 628-2575
Fax: 580 628-2236
CAGE Code: 0WEF7


Sandy Salisbury LintonCo-Owner, CFO
Jim SalisburyCo-Owner, COO
 Number of Units Sizes (tons) (Acid or Basic)

Type of Castings Produced:
Railroad 2.6%; Industrial Equipment 18.7%; Mining 22%; Pumps/Valves 17.7%; Oil Field 26.6%; Construction Equipment 4.2%; Trucks 5.1%; Military 3%

Type of Alloys Produced:
Carbon/Low Alloy 81.3%; Wear Resistant 18.7%

Mold Processes Used:
No-Bake 30%; Other Cold box 70%

Core Processes Used:
No-Bake 10%; Other Isocure 90%

Test Facilities:
Hardness; Spectrographic

Other Facilities:
Pattern Shop; Gray Iron; Other Ni-Resist; Cr Irons

Use of product: 100 %, for sale
Largest Casting Produced: 70 lb
Smallest Casting Produced: 0.2 lb
Heaviest Section Thickness: 2 in
Lightest Section Thickness: 0.25 in
Monthly Capacity: 100 tn
Number of Employees: 35