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Quaker City Castings, Inc.

Website: http://www.qccast.com
Email: gkorff@qccast.com
Main office and Foundry: 310 E Euclid Ave
Salem, OH 44460-3778
Mailing Address: 310 E Euclid Ave
Salem, OH 44460-3778
Phone: 330 332-1566
Fax: 330 332-5655
CAGE Code: 5N1D0


Dave LordiPresident
Pat MellishVice President - Sales
Bill RuckerFoundry Superintendent
Mike WoodQuality Manager
Derrell AngleQuality Manager
 Number of Units Sizes (tons) (Acid or Basic)

Type of Castings Produced:
Railroad 10%; Industrial Equipment 15%; Mining 5%; Pumps/Valves 20%; Oil Field 5%; Tubes 30%; Military 5%; Aerospace 10%

Type of Alloys Produced:
Carbon/Low Alloy 15%; Corrosion Resistant 20%; Heat Resistant 10%; Wear Resistant 10%; Ductile Iron, Gray Iron 45%

Mold Processes Used:
No-Bake 70%; Centrifugal 30%

Core Processes Used:
No-Bake 100%

SMAW; ASTM-A488; ASME Section IX

Test Facilities:
Mechanical Tests; Hardness; Spectrographic

Other Facilities:
Heat Treat Equipment; Quenching Equipment; Machine Shop; Gray Iron; Ductile Iron; Non-Ferrous

Quality Systems:
ISO 9001:2008

Use of product: 100 %, for sale
Largest Casting Produced: 10000 lb
Smallest Casting Produced: 5 lb
Heaviest Section Thickness: 6 in
Lightest Section Thickness: 0.250 in
Monthly Capacity: 600 tn
Number of Employees: 70