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Information for Casting Buyers

This page provides an overview of the information that is available to the designers and buyers of steel casting. The information contained in these articles is believed to accurate; however, the information should be considered recommendations. The designer and buyer should always work with the foundry personnel to determine specific specifications. Ultimately, the designer is responsible for the final product design.

Information for buyers of castings.

  • Article 1: How to order steel castings

    the basic requirements needed to work with your supplier.

  • Article 2: An outline for purchasing steel castings

    This article discusses how to obtain the optimum value from the purchase of a steel casting by a cooperative effort on the part of the buyer and of the seller from the early stages of the conception of design through the manufacturing process.

  • Article 3: Specifications in used the steel casting industry

    The purpose of this article is to review the role of specifications as a means of communication between all parties concerned in the purchase of steel castings.

  • Directory of steel casting producers

    Company profiles of SFSA member steel foundries. The profile includes: address, telephone, fax, personnel, type of equipment, testing and machining facilities, etc.